100% of entry fees go to employee Scholarships!


100% of entry fees go to employee Scholarships!

NEW for 2019 we will have a $5 per person entry fee with a maximum charge of $40 per group.  100% of the Entry fees will be given to our employees for furthering education in the form of scholarships. If this sounds like a strange concept come spend a day fishing with our crew and when you see their customer service $5 wont seem like enough  

HOWEVER, if you do not catch a fish entry will be FREE, but you will catch a fish.  

In 2018 we had 4 kids that have been employed at the farm for several years choose to move forward with their education.  As college graduates that have experienced all levels of student debt and seeing the burden that it can be, our team decided we wanted to do as much as we can to help all of our employees have to option to move forward with their education under as little financial strain as possible.  As well our $5 entry fee we will give our customers the chance to donate toward our TEXAS FISHING SCHOLARSHIP FUND.   

Please tell us what you think and please offer comments and recommendations as we want no one to miss a great day of fishing simply because of our idea .