We are open to the public for fishing.  We are stocked with more fish, bigger fish, and more often than any other private ponds in Texas

“20 years ago a couple “kids” Sitting by a pond helped a man with his grandkids catch their first fish, at the time they were just passing time but received a $20 Tip from the man.  From that came the idea that Customer service and fishing had never crossed paths. It was years later but those same “kids” came up with Texas Fishing LLC. A true one of a kind pond fishing experience and considered the #1 fishing ponds in Texas.  We sell more farm raised Channel Catfish caught on rod and reel than anywhere else in the state (possibly the country) We still have the “kids” willing to tie knots, land your fish, and even show you how to bait a hook. COME OUT AND SEE WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!!”

Hours Of Operation

How it works

  • No fishing license required
  • Beginning March 2019, there will be an entry charge of $5 per person with a maximum charge of $40 per group. Entry to the farm ends at 3pm.  
  • DUE TO SUMMER TEMPERATURES  our new hours are 7am-3pm to improve your fishing experience.
  • Pricing: $2.85/lb, live weight, live fish or $3.10/lb, live weight, for cleaned fish(prices subject to market variance). No catch and release.  
  • Never been fishing? No problem! Our staff is available to guide you through every step of the process. Our public fishing lakes are ideal for the whole family.   
  • Now offering Private fishing trips for only $50.00 in addition to the cost of the fish per pound. This  a pond all to your self with you and your friends with one of our guides to help with anything you need. Please call for an appointment. 

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Poles & Bait

 We have poles and all the equipment you'll need conveniently available at $5 each. 

Bait is reddily avalible during your visit and is always what the fish are biting on best.

If you choose to bring your own equipment, here is what we recommend:  

  • Medium action reel
  • Minimum 12 lb test line#4-6 treble hooks 
  • Small weights/sinkers
  • Bait (The best type vary day-to-day. We recomend purchasing it while you are here.)



From pole to frying pan, we've got you covered. We can process and clean your fish for an additional 25 cents/lb. 



Friday and Saturday 7am-3pm 

with entry ending at 3pm


Book a private fishing trip for 1-20 people

Reserve a pond Monday - Thursday for only $50.00 

Please call (903)883-3976 with any questions!