Pond & lake management & weed control

Our goal is to create a plan that fits your pond, not make your pond fit our plan.

Unlike other "pond management" companies, our management style was developed from learning what worked best for our own fishing ponds that we were managing. We have taken what we learned over the last 30 years in business and now offer it to everyone. 

We focus on the long term health of your pond, not simply the "quick fix". While we do have licensed and insured staff capable of any chemical applications, we use that as a last resort option. Our pond management goal is for your pond to be maintenance free so that all you have to do is enjoy it. It needs to be fun, not frightening. 

Along with chemical applications, we offer:



The above photos show the exact same pond weeks after a physical weed removal. The pond had previously been neglected for many years. 

 Physical weed removal can be very helpful with bull rush control and other heavy-stemmed aquatic weeds. Every time weeds go through a life cycle, they die and sink to the bottom of the pond. Over time, this makes the ponds edges more shallow and creates an ideal growing environment for even more weeds.  



Two great options in Texas for biological weed control are Triploid Grass Carp and Mozambique Tilapia

Grass Carp are a great long-term solution for many submerged weeds growing from the bottom of your pond, but will require a permit from Texas Parks and Wildlife

Mozambique Tilapia are stocked mid-spring and are an excellent option for controlling floating and submerged algaes. 


Sometimes, starting over is the best option. Here is an example of what is in the bottom of a typical Texas pond after 20 years, acting as fertilizer for weed growth. In this case, a complete pond renovation is the best long-term way to get your pond under control - otherwise, it will be a constant battle of chemical applications.